Classroom: boy is sitting and reading

Learning room - our room concept for individual learning 

Modern pedagogy and learning in the digital age require flexible classrooms. As a third educator they help teachers and students to learn individually and self-organized. Loose, colourful and modular furniture concepts matched with cool organization equipment is not only practical but brings the necessary feel-good factor.

Classroom: Boy puts book on his desk


One System – 1.000 Possibilities
Do you want to be creative, flexible and quick? FlexLearn fits the bill perfectly. Whether you want to work alone, in pairs or in a group, FlexLearn can adapt to any situation.

Keep everything at your finger-tips
Want to keep everything in order? Wether it is books, files, papers, pens or personal items. FlexLearn has a place for everything, so that you can keep everything in its place!


Hohenloher FlexLearn interior can be adapted to satisfy all your requirements. Thanks to the modular design concept your space can be adapted quickly and easily – ready for the next lesson.

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  • Individual work
  • Partner work
  • Group work
  • Meeting
Sketch of learning furniture: desks with movable cabinets

Individual work

Strength lies in calmness!

There is no better place for individual work than your own workspace. The perfect situation for concentrated learning

Sketch of learning furniture: two desks with movable cabinets

Partner work

It's easier in pairs

Learning from and with each other enriches and increases students' individual knowledge base

Sketch of learning furniture: 4 grouped desks

Group work

Working in a team is fun

Different viewpoints and open discussions lead to diverse results

Sketch of learning furniture: grouped desks


Facts on the table

Subjects can be taught in a compressed manner in a group

One day with a Learning Room

Bild: Ein Tag mit Lernmöbeln
Bild: Ein Tag mit Lernmöbeln
Bild: Ein Tag mit Lernmöbeln
Bild: Ein Tag mit Lernmöbeln
Bild: Ein Tag mit Lernmöbeln


Watch how easily Hohenloher FlexLearn interior lends itself to your ever-changing requirements. In a few moments the chairs, tables and cabinets can be reconfigured and new optimal work spaces are created.

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  • Flexible arrangements
  • Versatile accessories
Various classroom arrangements

1 | Free-standing arrangement

2 | Wall-standing arrangement

3 | Star-shaped arrangement

4 | Opposite arrangement

Sketch of magnetic accessories

1 | Magnetic box & Magnetic cup
Arrange your pens, rulers and other utensils in the box and take them with you to the next place.

2 | Magnetic board
Quickly write your ideas down on paper, pin them to the felt board and hang dem on the magnetic board to present them.

3 | FlexLearn tray
Simply use it as a writing board, note your thoughts with a pen or magnet and hang it on the wall.

Favourite products

Image: Learning furniture with table, chairs and cabinets

Creative zone

COMFORT HV team table, SEDIAMO® Swing Ligno chairs, FlexLearn cabinet 3x1, FlexLearn cabinet 4x4, display panel pin board, cabinet 3x3. 

Bild: Anschlusseinheit mit Spüle

Learning work stations 

Learning station 3x2, COMBO 4 table 70x70 cm, Sediamo Swing chairs. 

Kids with magnetic accessories

Magnetic accessories

Magnetic boxes, magnetic cups, shelves, magnetic boards.

Image: Learning room with comfort table

Team talk

COMFORT HV team table, SEDIAMO® Cross chairs, learning cabinet 4x4, mobile pin board. 

Bild: Intensivtraining

Intensive training

COMFORT HV table, SEDIAMO® Cross chairs. 

Bild: Lernwand im Raum

Digital Learning

Learning wall with interactive projector, media supply system Fly One®, ceiling light Fly Light®, lounge furniture. 

Hello Learning Room

Hello Multifunctional Room

Front page FlexLearn Interior brochure

You are interested to know more about the FlexLearn concept?

Just discover more details in our concept brochure.